Carousel-Horse Painting $300

My custom framed original acrylic painting, "Carousel". Framed size: 28" x 40". 1989. Signed. Hladik. ( I am Judith Hladik-Voss-Google me!). This is an early period, realistic painting.

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Horses Grazing Framed Photo

This is a framed 11x13 inch Type R photo print of two horses grazing in a meadow side by side. It is framed using non-glare glass and a gold toned steel frame and is double matted.

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BRITISH ART - Royal Monarchy Themed

Selling some very unique British Art :Below are the following descriptions, also pictures of what is for sale. We have not priced these as they are unique and subject to the "eye of the beholder". Must be seen to appreciate the craftsmanship and condition.

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ENGLISH ART - Knights, Queen, Crown Other

We are selling a trove of English Art antiques - below are descriptions as well as photographs of the items - usually 3 pictures of each item in order of listing. The items are depicting early England - knights, a crown, etc.

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Estate Sale Antiques Paintings Swords Lamps Clocks Porcelain

All you see in the pictures and more. Antique mirrors, paintings, porcelain doll lamps, horse paintings and antique horse harness x2, grandfather clock, dresser, furniture, antique oak and walnut headboards and queen size beds. Everything is for sale. All pictures are of current items still currently for sale!

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Flower Pictures in frames

While I am not a huge floral enthusiast, I do believe a set of at least two beautifully-designed floral framed arrangements will add the necessary amount of peace and tranquil to your lovely abode. For my husband Joe, and I, of course, we settle for our luxurious, spacious estate, and personally did not see these flower paintings as the appropriate fit for our home, as it is much too grand to have anything but the finest artistic works on display. While flowers may not be my forte, to say the least, I can tell you my son and daughter-in-law have floral arrangements and photographs every corner you turn. And while the aesthetic may be soothing to some, I rarely channel my side that is in tune with nature, therefore, the floral decorating scheme doesn't float my boat, to say the least. Goodness, I'm beginning to sound like Pennywise from Stephen King's IT. Has that movie been all the rage lately, especially with the release of "IT 2". While I am not a proud sufferer of Coulrophobia, the intense fear of clowns, I surely didn't possess the mental capacity to read all long and enduring 1,090 pages of Stephen King's clown related novel, although I rarely diminish my intelligence to that extent. The truth is, I honestly could care less about clowns and their presence, let alone read a novel on their existence. My son, on the other hand, feels quite differently about the topic, and has successfully read all 1090 pages of Stephen King's "IT", including the title page, and back-cover synopsis. And, while for a short period of time he was enamored with the concept, he has gradually transitioned back onto the "Pennywise Bandwagon" to colloquially speak. Joe, as well, happens to be a fan of the film, as he is not one for reading, as his lucrative profession requires enough reading-prone work to begin with. Joe, being the outstanding businessman of his caliber, still proudly dons perfect vision, to my understanding. Goodness, does he have a way with words, but as do I, as you can clearly see. I ask that no one provides imminent spoilers to Stephen King's "IT 2", as it would be inconsiderate to our other, uninformed valued Craigslist customers. If you are not familiar with Stephen King or his famous works, Google defines him as such: "Stephen Edwin King is an American author of horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, and fantasy novels" - Wikipedia. While I truly admire Mr. King and his long, grueling hours dedicated to writing these novels, as I would consider myself a writer, (Look at me, starting to sound like Brian Griffin, the fictitious anthropomorphic dog from the animated American sitcom, Family Guy), his genre of novels don't appeal to me stylistically, although I do love a good scare here and there, especially as we are approaching the fall season, with Halloween and all. I did vow to myself that I would not speak any more of that holiday until we approach the month of October, so, as for now, my lips are sealed regarding that topic. As I was saying, Brian Griffin, the animated white dog, possesses a passion for writing, although he never truly was able to get his career off the ground. Why, you prithee? Well, first of all, keep in mind he is an animated canine, and secondly, he has a pompous exterior, especially when it comes to his writing. Unlike me, of course, as my works are simply the best when it comes to writing, and no one dares to compare, as their works will simply be underwhelming compared to my pieces of literary excellence, although I would not compare myself to Mark Twain, or also known as Samuel Clemens. Which is his true name? That's a question for another time, am I right? Forgive me, as I am known to drop puns at hilarious times. Comedic timing, am I right?

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